Laser Dentistry Program

IADE offers information about the use of lasers in dentistry including laser teeth whitening, laser periodontal therapy for periodontitis and peri-implantitis, laser soft tissue surgery, laser hard tissue surgery, and laser cavity preparation. On this website, you can find articles about laser dentistry and online courses about dental lasers with continuing education credits.

We aim to provide general dentists with up to date information on dental lasers and hands-on training in all dental procedures that can be performed with lasers.combine laser dentistry to enhance your dental practice.

Course Objective:
what you can learn from this course:

  • Laser Physics
  • Laser-Tissue Interactions, Mode of Operation & Applications
  • Laser Safety Regulations
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy, Photo Dynamic Therapy, and Bleaching
  • Laser Applications in Endodontics
  • Laser in Prosthodontics
  • Laser in Periodontics
  • Laser applications in Esthetic Dentistry.

Practical Demo and Hands-on:
Course participants are encouraged to bring patient records from their practice for assessment and evaluation.

  • simulated jaws
  • goat jaws & ankle

Treatment with selected removable and fixed appliances will be demonstrated. With this knowledge, course participants if they so wish, may be able to participate in Growth Factors (IPRF, PRF) which is more clinically based and of longer duration. As a stand-alone course, participants will develop skills to recognize abnormal occlusions in both the developing and permanent dentitions, with guidelines for treatment options.