Growth Factors (IPRF, PRF)

Platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) is an autogenous matrix derived from the concentration of the patient’s blood platelets. A simplified chairside procedure results in the production of a fibrin membrane that is capable of stimulating the release of many important growth factors involved during wound healing processes that take place after surgery.

This course will provide a hands-on laboratory session and a live surgical demonstration to become proficient in the use of the L-PRF technology.

Learning Objective:

  • Understanding of biological principles of L-PRF
  • Proper case selection and planning
  • Understanding of surgical techniques
  • PRF preparation techniques
  • Management of complications and post-operative care

Keys Topics:
Course participants are encouraged to bring patient records from their practice for assessment and evaluation.

  • Growth Factors in Implant Dentistry
  • Soft tissue management
  • Complications and management
  • Optimizing outcome

Treatment with selected removable and fixed appliances will be demonstrated. With this knowledge, course participants if they so wish, may be able to participate in Growth Factors (IPRF, PRF) which is more clinically based and of longer duration. As a stand-alone course, participants will develop skills to recognize abnormal occlusions in both the developing and permanent dentitions, with guidelines for treatment options.