Endodontic Training

Endodontic Training

If you’re looking to learn leading-edge techniques and best practices in endodontic solutions to better serve your patients and grow your practice, then Dr. IADE course is for you. Whether you’re new to endodontics or seeking to enhance your current skills, this well-organized, energetic presentation and hands-on workshop will give you experience with live surgeries for both endodontic treatment and retreatment cases that will move you to a new level of expertise in caring for your patients.

Course Includes:

  • Live patient demonstrations
  • Hands-on training participants
  • Full-colour manuals documenting course content

Each participant will practice on both dummies, models and on Patients. Study material, CD,s, Seminars  and participation certificate  provided at the end of the course.


Learning Objectives:

• Endodontic diagnosis and treatment  planning 

• Predictable and conservative access preparation designs

• Irrigation and disinfection protocols

• Proper use of intracanal medicaments

• Initial canal negotiation

• Safe, predictable, and efficient use of NiTi rotary file systems

• Warm vertical and single core obturation techniques 

• Troubleshooting common problems in endodontic treatment 

• Restoration of endodontic ally treated teeth, with or without posts

• Canal anatomy and morphology

• Use of ultrasonics in Endodontics 

• Reading the pulpal floor “map”

• Use of microscopes in Endodontics

• Pain management in complex tooth pain scenarios

  • Endodontics Introduction Duration: 32:13

Meet Our Teacher

Dr. Roheet Khatavkar

Dr. Roheet Khatavkar

Endodontics & Conservative Dentistry

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Indian Academy of Dental Excellence (IADE) was founded in 2015 to provide career and professional services to dental students and working professionals. IADE is focused on enhancing the quality of dental education by enhancing learning experiences in dentistry.