Dental Implant Course

Dental Implant Course

Advancement in dental treatment has allowed dental implants to be one of the most viable options for teeth replacement in the recent years. Implant dentistry has also enabled the dental practitioner to offer to patients a more predictable, economical, aesthetic and long-term solution to edentulism.

This introductory course is designed for general dentists who wish to have a basic knowledge of dental implants and who also wish to provide dental implant therapy as a treatment modality for patients. General dentists will have a clearer overview of dental implant teeth replacement and its workflow. Hands-on implant restoration from the surgical placement to the prosthetic impression making will also be guided in the workshop.

Course outline

Introduction to Dental Implants

     History of dental implants and its evolution and classification

     Applied teeth anatomy and dental implants

     Significance of dental implants length, diameter, surfaces and their surface treatment

Pre-surgical implant planning considerations

     The increased demand for implant dentistry

     Alternatives to implant dentistry including fixed partial dentures and removable partial dentures

     Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

     Rationale for implant surgery

Basic surgical implant placement procedure

     Implant body selection in the premolar and molar sites

     Comparison between Two-Stage, One-Stage, and Direct One Stage surgeries

     Step-by-step description of posterior single-tooth implants surgery with soft tissue management, osteotomy, and closure procedures

Dental implant restorative procedure

     Step-by-step procedure for making implant impressions

During our  course, each participant is guaranteed to place a minimum of 10 implants as the main surgeon. Each doctor will also assist their group member with 30+ implants and additional surgeries. Our live patient implant seminars will give you the confidence you need to start placing implants in your own office. Our Advanced levels will give you the opportunity to perform sinus elevations, mono blocks, ridge splits, learn advanced grafting techniques and management of complications.

Course Headlines:

  • Detailed audio- visual presentations.
  • Multiple live implant surgeries
  • Limited attendance in the course to enable personal attention.
  • Participants will practice placing multiple implants belonging to different systems over dummies.
  • A full clinical support from faculty for your future implant cases. Affordable fee structure.
  • Participants will get the discounts and preference in advanced courses of implantology.
  • Multiple implant systems will be taught in the course.
  • Live clinical demonstration of surgical & prosthetic phase.
  • Implantology Overview Duration: 45:00

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Dr. Komal Majumdar

Dr. Komal Majumdar


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