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IADE Announces its Basic Rotary Endodontic Course

By Renowned Endodontist from Mumbai Dr. Roheet khatvaker on 31st july 2016 at Begusarai (Bihar)


Indian Academy of Dental Excellence best in all Dental Continuing Education Courses and Training Programs IADE has a unique training program & curriculum

Endodontic Training

This programme runs on two consecutive days a month.

$100.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Dental Implant Course

This course is offered during IAP, which is a special 4-week term.

$250.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Orthodontic Program

We have excellent team of Orthodontists program.

$200.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Periodontology Training

Illustrated lectures,demonstrations, laboratory exercises.

$30.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Aesthetic Dentistry Program

This course requires a minimum dedication of two hours per day.

$250.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Prosthodontics Program

Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics at IADE.

$350.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Growth Factors (IPRF, PRF)

The course has been simplified to train any level of General Dentist.

$300.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

OMF surgery is unique in requiring a dual qualification in dentistry.

$250.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Facial Aesthetics Course

This course features the clinical process, Facial Aesthetics.

$230.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Laser Dentistry Program

laser soft tissue surgery, laser hard tissue surgery

$200.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Real Time Training

We use webinar for live broadcast fro real time case study.

$100.00 . 0 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design program at IADE.

$300.00 . 1 Lesson(s) . 0 Attachment(s)

Our new Course Start, March 2016

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On-line Course Materials

Provide dentistry course material via different web blogs

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This is an open access peer reviewed dentistry journals

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Dental Product guide

Dental Product Guide, an easy-access directory.

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Practical Session

Provide free practical session fro all practitioner.

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